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Tastes like Chocolate, it’s not chocolate, it’s healthy and was invented by Irish! We give you 4 reasons to drink Temple Dairy Chocolate Milk.



1. Chocolate Milk is good for overall health


Milk contents 3 essential nutrients: Vitamin A & B1, Riboflavin and phosphor, not to mention calcium, which is one of the most important minerals for the human body. Calcium helps to build and consolidate bones and prevent osteoporosis. Chocolate milk provides you with nourishing vitamins and minerals for overall good health. In addition cocoa is a natural antioxidant and a source of magnesium.


2. Chocolate Milk helps you recover after a workout


Chocolate Milk is an ideal combination of protein and carbohydrate. Protein helps to rebuild your muscles by aiding in the muscle recovery process post-workout.
Milk contents sodium and potassium as well. It re-establishes balance of electrolytes in blood. In addition milk is composed of 85% of water aiding re-hydration. And it raises blood sugar levels when you need it most-immediately following exercise!


3. Chocolate milk is a healthier alternative to sugary drinks


Chocolate milk is a more ideal solution to sugary drinks on the market. Just choose your chocolate milk brand wisely! Chocolate milk has the same essential nutrients as unflavoured milk with the same fat level. Temple Dairy Chocolate Milk content has only 2% of brown cane sugar and there is no artificial preservatives or flavours. It can easily be a part of a healthy diet.


4. Anti-blues


Don’t overlook the heart-warming power of a steaming cup of chocolate milk-heat it up at home! Did you know that cocoa stimulates endorphin production? Now do you understand how it benefits more than your childhood nostalgia? Develop your creativity by inventing new recipes as Temple Dairy did on Pancake Day with a delicious pancakes’ recipe!