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About Temple Dairy

Temple Dairy is a family run company from Rosstemple, Athlacca, Co. Limerick. The company produces fresh flavoured milk.
With a brand emphasis on health and wellness – as some foodies’ favorite mantra, “My body is a Temple!” Temple Dairy over all represents: the love for where it comes from, the ‘what’ it produces and the values of the people the brand is reaching out to. The word “temple” originally derived from Rosstemple, the town land name in which the company founders reside in.
Temple Dairy’s mission is to make high quality products as close to nature and wholesomely good as possible and making the range available across Ireland.

Our Process

Temple Dairy CowsFrom the green grass lands of the family farm where the herd grazes, to milking, to cream separation and mixing of ingredients, to homogenization and pasteurization, and to bottling and packaging, Temple Dairy aims to operate in the most environmentally friendly fashion.

Temple Dairy uses it’s own farm milk. This makes for the freshest and most delicious goods you will ever taste!
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How it all began

Sean’s driving force has and will always be to add value to the milk from his dairy farm. Being able to come up with a value added product suitable for the Irish consumer has been a very long awaiting goal!
By working alongside father, Sean Curtin-dairy farmer, Marie has taken the opportunity to put out healthy and delicious dairy goods to the everyday consumer.

Who are Temple Dairy


Marie Curtin

Marie has had an extensive background in sport. She led the Republic of Ireland women’s Football team in defense for thirteen years earning 45 senior international caps as well as some years playing Gaelic football for Limerick and winning an All-Ireland Championship in Croke Park in 2010. She has also played semi-professionally in a full-time training environment in both the US and Norway.

Sean Curtin

Sean has been running a successful family dairy business in Athlacca, Co. Limerick since the 1950s. It is a Holstein Friesian herd of 120 milking cows where 800,000 liters of milk is made annually. Sean’s expertise in milk production is paramount to Temple Dairy Ltd. His extreme care and deep enthusiasm for bringing a quality and beneficial product to the consumer is evident in the management in milk production operations.