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Temple Dairy uses ingredients in their basic state where possible. The natural taste of Temple Dairy products will make for a ‘Heaven Sent’ tasting experience. Do try! We believe, “Your Body is a Temple. Treat it Like One!”

Chocolate Milk

Temple Dairy Chocolate Milk comes in two sizes – 250ml (RSP €1.95) and 500ml (RSP €2.95).

It is made up of five ingredients only:

Low-fat milk from the Curtin Family Farm

A fat-reduced raw cocoa powder

Skimmed milk powder

Natural cane sugar

Carrageenan (used in minute quantities)-a stabilizer that derives from seaweed


Temple Dairy Chocolate Milk is a low fat product with no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

It is naturally high in protein.

Luckily, Temple Dairy Chocolate milk is almost completely made up of natural sugars which you don’t need to feel guilty about! The product is in fact 94% fresh milk.

The low added sugar in every bottle you can be happy to know is  natural brown cane sugar.

Lastly, cocoa is known to be a natural anti-oxidant.  And what a perfect accompaniment to milk!

Fresh Farm Milk
Raw Cocoa Powder
Natural Cane Sugar